Air Revolver M500

       M500 is named after a world famous revolver, but the huge size of the original gun and recoil of firearm makes most fans daunting at first glimpse. Many replicas of the gun have been designed by many AIRSOFT manufactures, but it let the players feel awkward and strange for such a powerful revolver only can shoot BBs. The air cartridge structure is used to engrave this gun, and it can find a perfect balance between simulating sense of loading bullets and shooting funs of air gun. There are four different kinds of front section components, and it can be chose freely among 5 inches, 7 inches, 10 inches and 14 inches barrel, and Kinetic energy can also be changed from 60 joules to 150 joules, that not only can meet the curiosities of fans about M500, but also can do the hunting of small or median size of wild boars. You can get rid of the embarrassment of low-end replicas with our M500.
      This is also consistent with our original intention of providing shooters with diverse air-gun-shooting funs. All in all, M500 can make you very cool.